Saturnia and Its Terme

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The Terme of Saturnia

Saturnia, near Gosseto in Tuscany, is considered the best spa in the world and is therefore a traditional destination for wellness tourism which accounts for countless visitors.
Saturnia, resting on the high part of the plain within the Albegna Valley, dominates the magical environment of the inland area around Grosseto: think gorgeous green expanses, and typical Tuscan countryside roads offering panorama after panorama of the region’s immense beauty. Founded by the Pelasgians and successively dominated by Romans, Longobards and the Sienese, today Saturnia still boasts traces of the past – remains of its Sienese, Etruscan and Medieval walls, the Castellum Aquarum of Poggio Murella and the archaeological area, with finds from both the Etruscan and Roman ages.
The main attraction of the Tuscan borgo of Saturnia are, of course, its terme, a draw for thousands of visitors every year; they arrive to experience the incredible therapeutic properties of its sulphur springs. It is they that have made Saturnia one of the Maremma’s most sought-out vacation locales.
Beyond the Terme di Saturnia’s luxurious resorts and golf greens, just outside the town center lie Molino Falls – situated near an old mill – as well as Gorello Falls, where the water gurgles at a toasty 98.6°F. This vast natural spa is open to the public throughout the year.

Those visiting these terme will find themselves surrounded by an almost unreal ambience – perhaps it is because according to myth, the natural endowments are a result of Jupiter unleashing his lightning on the god Saturn, with whom he was fighting. Or maybe it’s simply because Saturnia resides amidst the magic that is Tuscany.

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