Locals Say These Places Have The Best Gelato in Rome!

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Some insider knowledge to help some of you Substantia followers out there!!

Palazzo del Freddo di Giovanni Fassi:

Best gelato in Rome

In business since 1880, Fassi’s crown jewel is its speciality, the Sanpietrino, a semifreddo which is inspired by and named Best gelato in Rome after the Roman roads paved with “sanpietrini,” or Roman cobblestones. The classic version features dark chocolate frosting and a filling of 6 flavours: chocolate, hazelnut, cream, coconut, zabaione, and coffee. They also have the Sanpietrino in pistachio, hazelnut, white chocolate covered berries, and lemon cream. Other specialties are the Caterinetta and cassata. Fassi is also famous for its full-bodied cream. As far as their gelato is concerned, they’ve got their classic flavours that never change, while on a more or less monthly basis, new cream and/or fruit flavours are created and put into the rotation. With regard to the fruit flavoured gelato, Fassi adapts its selection based on the seasonal availability of the various fruits used. Instead, the cream based flavours vary based on the inspiration of master Andrea Fassi and the gelato laboratory head, Armando Mazza.

Address: via Principe Eugenio, 65, Roma | Phone: +39 06 4464740 | Hours: Monday-Thursday 12pm-12am, Friday-Saturday 12pm-12.30am, Sunday 10am-12am | Web: www.gelateriafassi.com

Next on the list is La Romana:

Best gelato in Rome

With 3 locations in Rome to serve the public, La Romana is a sheer delight…unbeatable creamy goodness every time. Dedicated to following tradition when it comes to preparing its flavors, La Romana was founded in the historic center of Rimini in 1947, taking its name from the daughter of the first owner and founder, Vito Zucchi, who at that time decided to open the first artisanal “gelateria” or gelato shop in all of Rimini. Thanks to his fertile imagination, with only a few ingredients at his disposal, he realized a wide range of quality flavours, still produced and available at all of the locations. As if La Romana’s awesome gelato wasn’t enough, they’ve got a white and dark chocolate fountain used to fill the tip of your cone with if you’d like and three different kinds of whipped cream to top off your gelato: coffee, zabaione, and cocoa.

Address: via Cola di Rienzo, 2, Roma – via Ostiense, 48, Roma – via Venti Settembre, 60, Roma | Hours: Monday-Thursday 12pm-12am, Friday-Saturday 12pm-1am, Sunday 11am-12am | Web: www.gelateriaromana.com

And finally….

Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè

Best gelato in Rome

Usually, if a gelato shop produces more than 20-30 flavours to sell, it is full of artificial flavours and ingredients and not of good quality, but that’s not the case at master Claudio Torcè’s gelato shop. When he opened his first shop in 2003, he immediately began with 100 flavours, even though many people were sceptical he could pull off so many. He proved the doubters wrong because despite the fact that they have a lot of flavours to maintain, each one is jam packed with quality. Some of the specialties include the chocolate flavours and the selection is very creative including chocolate concoctions like chocolate/ginger/lemon and chocolate/paprika/chilli pepper. The original location is on viale dell’Aeronautica, but the brand has now expanded to 7 other locations where you can go and try this fantastic gelato. A highly recommended speciality is Fantasia di Bronte, which is almond/pistachio/pine nut.

Address: viale dell’Aeronautica, 105, Roma (and 7 other locations) | Phone: +39 06 512 8948 | Hours: Vary by location | Web: www.ilgelatodiclaudiotorce.com

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